• RMSCO Solar Rural Deployment
  • RMSCO Solar Urban Deployment


  • Steel Railings

  • Solar Pump Structures

  • Solar Panel Mounting Structures

  • 220 KV / 132 KV Sub Station Structures in Rajasthan

  • Transmission Line Towers & Telecom Towers

50 years of RMSCO

Welcome to RMSCO

Since 1970 manufacturing customized products.

Steel Galvanize Substation / Switchyard Structures, Tower Accessories , Fencing, Earthing Material, Cable Trays. Aluminium Ladder, Solar Structures, Poles, Railings , General Fabrication etc.
Catering to sectors like Power, Solar, Telecom, Defense, Urban Infrastructure, Solid Waste Management and many more..

rmsco - metal fabrication

Reliability of Material & Satisfaction of Customer Organisation

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- Transmission Line Towers
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- Cable Trays
- Earthing Material or Others
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