Rural / City Electrification


This is one of the important agenda of Govt. of India’s growth plan, to make electricity reach every village and every household of the country.

So we are following the vision and probably manufacturing most of the Steel Fabrication material for Rural Electrification :-

33/11 KV Towers

33/11 KV Cement Pole or Wooden Pole Steel Fittings like Cross Arms , Clamps

Distribution Transformers Structures 2 Pole , Line DP Sets

Earthing Material


Our major sales comes from this category of items.

Lot of focus is undergoing for modernization and improving the efficiency of city network.

By making the overhead lines to underground, installing Ring Main Units, SCADA systems etc.

Distribution Transformers Structures for Ring Main Units – 2 Pole, 4 Pole

They are very compact and can be installed in a very less space. Say about 2 mtr x 1.5 mtr

Weight Ranging from 500 Kgs to 1000Kgs depending upon design.

33 / 11 KV Towers

Height from 4 mtr to 15 mtrs

Weight ranging from 200 Kgs to 750 Kgs

These are generally fully welded Towers , which are just needed to be erected.

All material is available as in Painted or Zinc Coated – Galvanized.

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