We manufacture various types of structures as per site condition/ customer drawings. We can also design the structure as per requirement. Main Categories
  1. Ground based module mounting structures
  2. Rooftop module mounting structures
  3. Solar water tank structure
  4. Solar water pump structures
  5. Module mounting clamps
  6. Solar Street Light Pole with Battery Box, Panel frame.

Ground Based Module Mounting Structures

As the name says, these structures are erected on ground. The structures are designed in order to ensure minimum weight per kilo watt so that the purpose of quick delivery and easy installation is served. These structures can be made of standard angles, channels which are heavy in nature or newly raw material entrant i.e. cold formed C-Purlins. Features
  • Wind Load : 150-200 Km ph
  • Life : 25 Years
  • Galvanizing Thickness : 80-120 micron
  • Yield Strength : 250-400 mpa
Theses Ground mounted structures can be further classified into
  • Fixed type module mounting structures
  • Seasonal tilt controlled module mounting structures
  • Single axis daily tracking structures
Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Rural Deployment of RMSCO Solar Pump Steel Structure

Roof Mounted Structures

These can be erected on roof it can be RCC or metal/ tin shed. We design the structure in such a way that it is economical, can utilize maximum roof space, easy to install and also light weight so that the roof structures are not damaged. We manufacture and supply structures for both flat roofs and slopped roofs. Our structures are designed to ensure minimum drilling on the roof and also to avoid any water leakage.

Module Mounting Clamps

We offer standardized module mounting clamps (mid clamps and end clamps) which are suitable for both Thin-film (framed and unframed) and poly-crystalline modules or in customer specified dimensions.

RMSCO Solar Product Gallery

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