Steel Wire Mesh Fence

We manufacture complete range of Fencing Material like Fence Post, Picket, Stay Post, Watch Tower etc. Suitable to fix Chain Link Mesh, Concertina Coil, Barbed Wire, Plain Wire etc.

The Steel fencing has advantage over conventional civil Brick / Stone Wall.

The Steel Fencing is equally strong compared to Brick Wall. Steel Fencing is faster to Install, Cheaper, Resale Value, Portable. By adding Steel Sheet this also stops the visibility to other side of the fencing.

This Steel Fencing is Rust Proof coated with Zinc (Galvanized), Paint or as per requirement of the customer.

We follow all the Indian Standard (IS) in manufacturing these. Conforming to:- IS: 2062, E 250/ E 350.IS: 280, 2721, IS 2629, IS 4759. Etc.

Height: Customised as per requirement. 6ft/8ft/10ft etc.

Type of Post: I, L and Y Type

Finish: Galvanized, Painted.

Applications: State / National Borders, Defense Lands, Large Farms, Solar Parks etc.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

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