RMSCO gratings

A grating is any regularly spaced collection of essentially identical, parallel, elongated elements. Gratings usually consist of a single set of elongated elements, but can consist of two sets, in which case the second set is usually perpendicular to the first.

Order Code Elemental Section (mm) Length of Grating(mm) Width of Grating(mm)
RMSGM01 Flat 25×5 2000 500
RMSGM02 Flat 40×5 2000 500
RMSGM03 ɸ8 2000 500
RMSGM04 ɸ10 2000 500

IS-2062: Specification for Hot Rolled Medium& High Tensile Structural Steel
IS-1852: Specification for Rolling & Cutting Tolerances for Hot Rolled Steel Products
IS-808: Dimensions for Hot Rolled Steel Beam, Column, Channel & Angle Sections
IS- 2629: Hot Dip Galvanizing of Iron & Steel

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