Portable One Man HAPO Chamber (HAPO Bags)

In one of RMSCO’s other Division/Department, we manufacture Rubber Inflatable products also like Rubber Inflatable Water Tanks, Floats etc.

We are authorised (Technology Holder) by the Ministry of Defence (India) to manufacture these HAPO Bags.

We have dedicated different area/building & manpower to manufacture these.

The ONE MAN HAPO CHAMBER is also popularly called HAPO BAG.

Introduction about HAPO.

High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO), a common mountain sickness, is a hazard associated with rapid ascent to an altitude higher than 2700 m and is characterized by breathlessness, tachycardia, tachypnoea, mild fever and cough, besides blood stained sputum.

The effective treatment of moving the patient to a low altitude is often not feasible and thus simulation of descent is achieved with the help of recompression chamber.

One man HAPO chamber has been designed as a portable first aid device that provides emergency treatment for varying degrees of Acute Mountain Sickness including HAPO.

It works on a simple but effective principle of increasing the atmospheric pressure around the patient thereby simulating decent in altitude.

The Patient is kept inside the chamber that can be inflated to a maximum pressure of 130mm Hg thereby simulating descent of about 2500 m (8000 feet) without involving any physical movement.

It is made of double ply nylon fabric with neoprene coat that is durable and cold resistant. It has a 120 cm long air/water proof zip running across the length of the chamber and three transparent windows, which are provided for observation of the patient.

Length : 2220 mm

Dia : 650 mm

The HAPO Bag is available in two versions:-

  • Automatic Version
  • Manual Version
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