Substation or Switchyard Structure

Substation Structures being one of our specialities, we manufacture a wide variety of outdoor electrical substation structures, including lattice, tubular and wide-flange steel support designs. Fabrication of substation structure elements often utilizes complex full or partial penetration welding, processes we have successfully performed repeatedly through the years. We specialize in structures requiring pre-qualified welding.

Based on your requirement we can design and manufacture complete substation structure:-

  • Sub-station structure
  • Double Pole Structure for Transformer
  • Four Pole Structure
  • Lattice Tower
  • 33/11 kv Cross Arms 
  • LT Cross Arms 

We have more than 15 year experience in distribution field. And we have successfully performed repeatedly through the years. We are capable of designing and manufacturing as per customers requirement.

  • We are reputed as leading suppliers of GI Switchyard Structures to the extent of 220kV.
  • Advance Power Product’s ability and proficiency, stems from our core competence in the area of design and drawing, specifically in Lattice and Tubular substation structures.
  • With a strong emphasis on electrical safety, quality and dependability our engineers construct substations and switchyards customized to the electrical projects requirements.
  • We have had the opportunity to supply products to prominent clients.
  • We offer premium quality Towers, Beams, Gantries, CT, PT, LA etc.

We have experienced engineering staff for designing, quality control and supervision of production. So we can assure you strength, quality, reliability and timely delivery in our structure. Because your project is important to us for future business. 

With our in house designing and in house fabrication facility we can manufacture upto 500 MT per month.

We assure the quality of products through:

Quality Assurance Procedures:

  • Quality monitoring of main organizational operations ( such as Marketing, Designing, Procurement of goods and services, Production and Performing Projects) through Q.C.P Quality Control Plan
  • Ensuring the quality of products and compliance with regulatory requirements and contractual obligations
  • Providing quality certificate with each shipment of products
  • Evaluating customer feedback.
  • Strict observance of standards and adaptation of standards based on the customers’ requirements
  • Precise control over all operational processes based on quality factors as per the international standards
  • Performing tensile test on steel samples including angles, plates, bars.
  • Performing coating tests on galvanized products
  • Performing quality control and tracking from raw material to final products
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