Smart City Power Optimisation

Smart grids are capable of generating, transmitting and distributing power more efficiently, while also collecting valuable data points that can improve management of utilities. Reliable and efficient power is a critical foundation for cities to achieve sustainability despite increasing urban density.

Sustainable Power Chain

How do you manage, meter and monitor every layer of your power chain? Infrastructure as a Platform by RMSCO provides a practical, configurable and integrated approach to optimising power throughout your city. RMSCO’s approach provides a clear set of guidelines and best practices for optimising power throughout your city.
  • Power Generation Design scalable solutions that cater to increased urban density and evolving energy sources.
  • Power Distribution Utilise automation technology and material handling services to increase efficiency and proactive maintenance of your distribution system.
  • Power Transmission Provide adequate grid hardening with physical security solutions and reduce potential go-forward maintenance costs.
  • Power Management Maintain monitoring and control of critical substation loads and support smart metering technology for accurate consumption measurement.
You can further enable interoperability by leveraging our expertise in technology sourcing, inventory management, product enhancement, logistics and e-commerce tools.

Product Solutions

  • Conduit, cable tray, boxes and fittings
  • Controls, relays, pushbuttons
  • Fuses, cutouts and safety devices
  • HMI, power line controllers
  • Outdoor lighting solutions
  • MRO and safety products
  • Poles, structures and substation connectors
  • Smart metering and testing
  • Switchgear and transformers
  • Medium and high-voltage cable and accessories
  • Anchors, foundations and baseplates
  • Connectors, fittings and assemblies
  • Outdoor and underground enclosures
  • Insulators and arresters
  • Lineman grade tools
  • Pole line hardware
  • Video surveillance
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