Smart Poles

Smart poles for smart cities

Smart Pole / Street Light Pole / CCTV Pole / Surveillance Pole

Count the number of poles the next time you walk through the city. Most have only one function. Lighting. Signage. Security. With multi-functional poles you can create smarter and greener cities by including several applications in a single pole.

Our multi-functional poles have been designed from conception with modular multi-functional components. There is no limit to the potential features and functions that can be integrated into one pole.

We manufacture Steel Circular / Tubular Poles for various application like

  • Street Light Poles,
  • Surveillance Poles,
  • Solar Street Light,
  • Smart Poles.

We manufacture various type of smart poles as per user requirement.

We mostly make tubular poles. They can be painted or hot dip galvanized to avoid rusting and increase there life.

We provide poles with complete fabrication and designing facility supported with full logistics support

We also provides arrangement for necessary attachments like Solar module mounting arrangement, battery box, CCTV Mounting, Lamp, Wifi, Junction box etc.

We also suitable necessary foundation bolts and hardware.

We have more than 7 year experience in this field. And we have successfully performed repeatedly through the years. We are capable of designing and manufacturing as per customers requirement.

We have experienced engineering staff for designing, quality control and supervision of production. So we can assure you strength, quality, reliability and timely delivery in our structure. Because your project is important to us for future business.

Our engineers understand today’s construction methods and design accordingly. They have the tools, training and experience to generate designs that consider the full scope and complexity of your project requirements

With our in house designing and in house fabrication facility we can manufacture upto 5000 poles per month approx also depends upon size and type on pole.

Product Features:

  • Height can be customized as per customer.
  • Solar Module Mounting Arrangement,
  • Lamp Fixture,
  • CCTV Mounting arrangement,
  • Battery box etc.
  • Can be customized as per requirement.
  • Cross arms with LED Luminaries.
  • Arrangement for installing CCTV/Surveillance
  • Arrangement for installing WiFi.
  • Can be installed with Environmental sensor.
  • Installed with feature of Emergency Button.
  • Arrangement for Emergency announcement audio devices/ Sirens.
  • Provision for Electrical Vehicle Charger.
  • Multiple storage rack for electronics and network equipment with provision for 30 to 34U.
  • Battery Bank.
  • Power Bank.
  • Telecom Equipment like BTS.
  • Additional space for other equipment.
  • Bill board/Hoarding board up.
  • Capable of hosting two cellular operators antenna along with required RRUs.
  • Antenna are covered with camouflage having RF transparent and easy installation and maintenance free with UV resistant.
  • Other features for smart city requirement.


  • Sizes: 12 mtr./ 7 mtr./ 6 mtr. / 5.5 mtr. Long,
  • Pipe dia.: 65NB to 135 NB
  • Thickness: 2 mm to 5 mm
  • Capacity: 75 Wp to 400 Wp
  • Material: MS Steel
  • Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised/ Pre Galvanised / Painted
  • Wind Load        :           150-200 Kph
  • Life                       :           25 Years
  • Galvanizing      :           80-120 micron
  • Yield Strength:          250-400 mpa

Types of pole:

1. Single arm

2. Double arm

1. Foundation with base plate

2. Foundation with hole pass (1 to 1.5 mtr. below ground level)

Our in-house design, detailing, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and supply capabilities give us unmatched ability to provide your Optimized pole Structure Solution.

A complete prototype is made and assembled before any pole components go into production to carefully check for proper fit. Every slip joint is test-fit to assure problem-free assembly. To improve supply chain integrity and on-time delivery, we have established key global relationships with the top raw material suppliers.

Swaged Poles include Light Poles in single hang & double hang, Street Light Poles, Traffic Light Poles etc., and are made of ERW tubes of suitable lengths swaged and joined together.

Advantages :

Our team the steel pole utilizes their individual and collective experience and knowledge along with plant & equipment to effectively complete any job within a customers’ deadline, no matter what the design challenge. The following are the advantages of MS Poles:

  • Zero maintenance – no pole fires, insect infestation or pole rot
  • Weighs 50-70% less than comparable concrete structures
  • Custom designs – made to customer’s exact specifications
  • Lasts longer – steel poles can last as long as 85 years with no shrinkage
  • No copper wire grounding required
  • Fully recyclable and non-toxic
  • Custom finished to your specification
  • Steel Pipes manufactured as per ASTM specification
  • Capable of galvanizing all sizes of poles in Single Dip

Additional Features:

  • Accurate dimensions
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Durability
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