Solar Paneled Smart Bin

Smart Bins – An Innovative Waste Management Solution

What is a smart bin?

Smart bins are designed to recognise different types of waste. A smart system positioned inside the container uses sensors, image recognition and artificial intelligence to do this. They consist of IoT enabled sensors, which work as real-time indicators to determine if the bins are full or not, and help to customise the waste collection schedule accordingly.

How does a smart bin work?

Before looking at how a smart bin works, let’s have a look at its features:
  • A communication module (allows notifications to be sent when the bin is ready to by emptied, or if there are any issues)
  • Compactor (to hold rubbish)
  • A solar panel (top provide a sustainable energy source for the bin)
  • Enclosed design (to prevent pests from gaining access to the waste, and to slow down decomposition)
  • A hopper handle

Here is how a smart bin works-

First, the rubbish is placed into the container, and the sensor measures its capacity. The compactor then compresses the rubbish and measures the compacted trash resistance. Finally, notifications are sent via e-mail or SMS when the bin is full and ready to be emptied.

What are the benefits of using a smart bin?

A smart bin offers many advantages. For instance:
  • Smart bins are environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for collection visits, smart bins lower emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases. As a result, we’re getting cleaner and safer streets.
  • Using a gentle compaction system maximises bin capacity, allowing you to keep more waste in the bin.
  • The smart bins have been standardised in a way that they can be emptied using existing collection equipment.
  • Smart bins increase recycling rates.
  • Compared to traditional recycling bins, smart bins take up less space on the footpath, reducing clutter and making it easier for people to move around the city.
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